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• Welcome to Westwind Builders

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Westwind Builders is a fully LICENSED, BONDED, and INSURED Residential and Commercial General Contractor / Insurance Restoration Specialist

Westwind Builders is a full-service Insurance restoration contractor committed to personal attention and quality services...building confidence and servicing the Phoenix Metro area and statewide.

Westwind Builders is a preferred service provider for many insurance companies and their clients. We provide ideas and solutions taking into account the goals and resources of each individual client to ensure that the home or business is repaired properly.

Office: 623.937.2800
24 Hr. Emergency Service

  • Water Extraction
  • Blowers and Dehumidifiers
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Fire Board-ups
  • Security Fencing
  • Smoke and soot removal
  • Ozone and thermofogging
  • Roofing Dry-in and tarping
  • Structural shoring

  • Vehicle damage
  • Ductwork deodorization
  • Vandalism
  • Carpet drying
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Selective tear-out
  • Detailed estimates
  • Wind and Lightning

Westwind Builders provides complete catastrophic restoration of residential, commercial, and industrial disasters. Whatever the project, Westwind Builders offers a full commitement to quality workmanship, service, and attention to detail.

Westwind Builders can move quickly to restore fire-ravaged buildings. Selective tear-out, complete roof structure repair, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and interior/exterior finishes are just a few of the services available when disaster strikes. With a unique combination of experience in both the insurance and construction industries, Westwind Builders has the resources and expertise to provide comprehensive restoration services in a timely and professional manner.

Westwind Builders fully understands the insurance claims process. The company employs individuals with comprehensive restoration experience to assist adjusters and agents alike in prompt claim settlement.
• Responsive Services

Whether responding to a residential grease fire or a business facility ravaged by storm winds, Westwind Builders is experienced in responding quickly to emergency situations, including fire and flood restoration. Westwind Builders uses the Xactimate computerized estimating software to produce accurate, competitive estimates for the insurance company and insured in a timely manner, while emergency restoration services are underway. Whatever the disaster, Westwind Builders is always ready to immediately respond. Phones are answered 24 hours a day and crews are dispatched to ensure prompt and dependable service. Rapid response to water and fire losses is Westwind's specialty.

Westwind Builders provides integrity, reliability, and financial strength to accomodate restoration projects for large losses.

• Residential Restoration Services
When disaster strikes, home-owners rely on Westwind Builders for quick and complete restoration of their home. Westwind Builders provides a broad spectrum of residential restoration services, ranging from emergency water extraction and board-ups, fire and water damage, content cleaning and restoration, all backed by the company's reputation for quality, craftsmanship and dependable service.
• Commercial & Industrial Restoration Services

Property damage caused by fire, flood, or wind can cripple a business operation. Westwind Builders immediate response helps minimize business interruption and ensures timely restoration of property. Westwind Builders' trained personel and insurance specialists work with insurance adjusters and agents to quickly restore the customer's facility to a working condition.

With phones answered around the clock and crews dispatched, you can expect an immediate response from Westwind Builder's team. The company's committement to disaster recovery services is proven under pressure and on the job everyday. As a Full-Service insurance restoration contractor skilled at complete disaster restoration of residential and commercial losses, Westwind Builders has proven to be an expert at disaster recovery.

Sooner or later, most people will need construction services in their personal to professional lives; restorations caused by water, storm or fire. When a need occurs, the approach and decision-making process should be the same as you would use with any other significant decision: determine who is the best trained, equipped, staffed, responsible, dependable, compatible, and likely to be around for the long haul. Each project, regardless of it's size or whether it is residential or commercial, requires careful planning and teamwork.

Westwind Builders family team concept has made them a well-deserved reputation and is the principle reason why today we have the reputation as one of the best. The company is also on many insurance companies Preferred Vendor Lists and can be relied upon to get the job done professionally. Our staff is friendly and known for their quick response and hard work. Westwind Builders performance ratings rank them right at the top with numerous insurance companies and clients alike.

Westwind Builders is a Preferred Service Provider for many Insurance companies and their clients. We provide ideas and solutions taking into account the goals and resources of each individual client to ensure that the home or business is repaired properly. We start all projects with a comprehensive review. While focusing on your individual requirements, we communicate with you to arrive at an agreed upon plan.

Our Team Will Deliver For You
Westwind Builders has gained wide spread recognition which is an indication of the commitment to professional construction management techniques and unfailing attention to the particular needs of a variety of clients.
We Are Able To Service The Entire Phoenix Metro Area and Arizona Statewide

Westwind builders has developed the versatility to handle a variety of jobs. We have been the general contracting firm for restoration and construction of various commercial structures, educational facilities, gymnasiums, medical centers as well as the all important residential projects. Each member of Westwind Builders team shares our company's commitment to quality. Skilled employees, under the leadership of exceptional supervisors and project managers empower Westwind Builders with the capability and flexibility to meet even the most challenging conditions head on and keep the project moving.

Quality is a priority with Westwind Builders. When quality and service are taken into consideration, Westwind Builders is among the most price-competitive contractors in the state. Our track record bears evidence of our company's competitive edge and financial stability.

High standards of quality has always been a priority with Westwind Builders. To assist our clients in understanding the proposed project, Westwind Builders utilizes the latest technology in estimating software and incorporates it with a physical on site walk-thru.

Our Team Looks Forward To Servicing Your Needs
Insurance companies trust Westwind Builders to provide the highest quality of service to them and their customers. Westwind takes pride in the completion of every job.
Customer Service / Quality Work
Westwind Builders is often called out for Emergency Services by the insurance company and Insured. Water extraction, Fire board-ups, Security fencing to name just a few. Westwind handles large and small fire and water losses.
Whether day or night, no job is too small or too big for Westwind Builder's team.

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